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About my name is Robert Spindler and I have the luck to be able to call myself a PROFESSIONAL STRONGMAN.
I specialise in a discipline which may be called OLDTIME STRONGMAN ACTS.

This discipline is inspired by the training and mind-blowing feats of strength of the strongmen who lived and performed during the EARLY 20TH CENTURY.

In simple words, I BEND NAILS, TEAR DECKS OF CARDS, AND LIFT ODD OBJECTS, etc. for a living. I perform at street festivals, historical events, in the circus, and in variety theaters. The best of it all: everything I have accomplished in terms of muscle and strength I have accomplished in a natural way - nothing about my strength shows is fake, unreal, unnatural or delusional.

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If you came here because you are into the exact same stuff as I, or because you saw one of my shows and want to learn a little bit more about me and my training, please click on "TRAINING".

I hope you find what you are looking for.

Unterschrift Robert Spindler
Robert Spindler (alias Eisen Hans)


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