Bend Horseshoe


BodybuildingRev challenge accepted
10. 11. 2015
About a year ago, the popular YouTube-channel "BodybuildingRev" posted a video in which several Strongmen, Bodybuilders and Powerlifters try to do as many repetitions as possible in the deadlift with 180kg within 10 minutes. Here you can watch this very dramatic video, which has almost 300.000 views by now:

The title of the video asked "Can U Beat US?" and Eisenhans definitely can. In a spontaneous attempt, he beat the performance of the strongest BodybuildingRev athlete by 11 reps, and did so without much drama, effort, or deteriorating technique. Just to prove it, here is a (admittedly rather boring) video. Once again it has been shown that those who shout the loudest are not necessarily the strongest:

Ironmind Red Nail Certification
20. 1. 2015
Eisenhans certifies for the Ironmind Red Nail - a recognized benchmark for short steel bending!

Bonner Weihnachtscircus

23. 12. 2014

The Christmas Circus in Bonn still plays until 4 January 2015, next to the Beethovenhalle in Bonn, Germany. Part of the ensemble: Eisenhans aka Johnny Steel (second from the left). Photo: Lucky Luxem.

Austrian Grip and Nail Bending Championships
13 October 2014
At the Austrian Grip and Nail Bending Championships on 28 September, together with the incredible overall winner Hannes Kainz (center) and organizer Jürgen Garschall (right). I was lucky enough to place second overall and set new records in the - 105kg class.

22nd British Grip Championships
26 May 2014
Just returned from Stafford, England, where I had the honor to meet the legendary David Horne, and the luck to win the division II of the 22nd British Grip Championships.

Results are here.