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Show Acts

Show Der starke Gentleman

Johnny Steel Powershow

Strongman Show

Circus, Variety, Gala

As JOHNNY STEEL, Robert Spindler revives the traditional strongman show - in his own very charming and tongue-in-cheek way. For one, he performs those very acts of sheer force with which "strong men" are amazing their audiences since more than a 100 years: He balances his assistant on one extended arm or lifts up to 10 people on a platform. He bends iron and tears a deck of cards in two. Secondly, he transferred the typical mustachioed strongman of the 1920s into modern, classy aesthetics. By the way, there’s no magic behind his historically accurate Strongman tricks, only years of relentless training. With upbeat music and perfect timing Robert Spindler captures any audience, in an unobtrusive but seductive way.

Duration: ca. 6 - 12 minutes

Show The Hodgson Escape

The Hodgson Escape

Escape Act

Gala, Variety

During his lifetime the famous escape artist HARRY HOUDINI challenged his audience on a regular basis and promised large sums of money to the person who could tie him up in such a way that he could not escape. On 24 October 1902, in the packed Palace Theatre in Blackburn, a sly young man accepted the challenge.

WILLIAM HODGSON put Houdini in chains in such a shrewd manner that the audience shuddered alone at the sight of the now completely immobile, fettered artist. Just shortly after midnight the utterly exhausted Houdini staggered from his "cabinet", which had shielded him from the looks of his audience. It had taken him a full hour and fourty minutes to escape. It was to remain one of Houdini's toughest challenges.

The manner in which Hodgson tied Houdini is being imitated in this show. With chains, locks, and handcuffs. The items are real, nothing is manipulated. The audience checks. In a similar way as Hodgson once did, a volunteer from the audience puts Eisenhans in chains. Shielded from the looks of the audience, like Houdini, Eisenhans then tries to free himself.

Duration: ca. 15 minutes

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