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Here is some info about my training and my attitude towards strength sports.

If you think your sports club, your facility, your colleagues, or your friends and acquaintances can benefit from my experience, you can book one of my workshops. Then please click on "WORKSHOPS".

If you are interested in this kind of strength training and want to learn more about it, keep an eye open for updates on my Blog and my YouTube channel.

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Strength Training for Youths

Workshops Krafttraining For schools, boarding schools, youth centers, social services, etc.

In this workshop I teach youths the essentials of strength training in an approachable way. The most effective exercises are introduced and practised, while the basics of safe exercise, healthy nutrition, and proper conduct in the gym are explained. The workshop illustrates in simple words how to get the most out of strength training - be it to supplement other sports, to increase muscular development, or to build self-confidence - while staying healthy and natural.
To capture the attention of the participants, I show a feat of strength at the beginning.

Maximum number of participants: 30
Duration: 4 hours (can be divided into two sessions)

Grip Strength Training

Griffkraft Training For practitioners of any sport that requires good grip and hand strength (like martial arts, climbing, Parkour, etc.) and for anyone interested

This workshop introduces the many different kinds of grip- and wrist strength and explains why so many athletes can benefit from improved hand strength. I demonstrate the most effective exercises and set- and rep-schemes with which they be trained for the indiviual purpose of every participant. It covers hand health, how to avoid training injuries, and how to recover from injuries when they occur. Professional grip strength training tools are brought along for demonstration, and ways to improvise training tools are explained.

Maximum number of participants: 30
Duration: 4 hours (can be divided into two sessions)


Griffkraft My most important training principle is that I never touch any drugs or forbidden substances to enhance my performance. (Note: It is very important to me to make this clear. Doping is so widespread in the modern fitness and strength industry that it becomes really hard to tell which performances ought to be appreciated and which not. The beginner and the unexperienced are constantly lured and deluded by idols, ideals, and goals which can not be reached in a natural way. Unfortunately, a lot of this is kept in silence. The website uncovers some of this. I myself have the luck to be able to claim by right that I have reached all of my accomplishments in a natural way.)

I prefer compound exercises, heavy weights, and high intensity workouts.

I keep my workouts simple and short. This way I enjoy it most.

I always try to train my whole body in balance and not leave out any muscle groups.


Steinheben I lift weights since I'm 13. Over time I tried a lot of training routines. In the beginning I trained like a bodybuilder. Then I competed (IPF) in powerlifting (squat, bench press, deadlift). I tried almost every method of training at least once.
Only a few years ago I realized what I ENJOY most and how I can MAINTAIN my performance best.
With a simple, heavy, and intense training which resembles the workouts of the OLDTIME STRONGMEN, the strongest and best built men in the world before steroids confused the world of strength sports.
I like heavy compound exercises with barbells and dumbells, functional training, kettlebells, and odd objects like barrels, stones, sandbags, anvils...
I like grip strength training, iron bending, and old school bodybuilding.
I plan my workouts instinctively, depending on how I feel. Sometimes I train five times a week, sometimes twice.
There is a book which describes pretty exactly what kind of training I prefer. It is called DINOSAUR TRAINING by Brooks Kubik.


Wettkampf Measurements and data:

Height: 5' 11"
Weight: about 220lbs

Raw Powerlifting Records:
(I only count "raw" records, i.e. weights I lifted without the help of powerlifting equipment like squat suits, bench shirts, or knee wraps - with a lifting belt at the most - and only good lifts in official IPF competitions)
Squat: 225kg
Benchpress: 180kg
Deadlift: 287.5kg

Misc. Training Records:
Squat: 18 reps with 180kg
Deadlift: 2 reps with 290kg
Military Press: 5 reps with 105kg
Clean and jerk: 130kg

Dinnie Stones lifted without lifting straps or belt
Inver Stone shouldered and held with one hand without assistance
Certified for the Ironmind Red Nail


There is so much talk about healthy nutrition these days that you really don't know what is right and wrong anymore. I myself am somehow convinced that the followers of the paleo/primal diet and lifestyle are somehow on the right way. The site is a good resource of information on this in my view. On the other hand, I also like to hear the words of the German Udo Pollmer sometimes, who has a completely different approach to nutrition:

After all I have heard, read and tested, I keep to a few simple guidelines. I purchase and eat mainly:

- regional and seasonal vegetables and fruit
- meat and eggs from the best source I can find (regional, humane husbandry, grass-fed, and pasture-raised)
- wild fish from possibly clean waters

In addition to that:

- Butter, honey, nuts, herbs, spices, from possibly regional sources
- And, mainly as a source of energy: bananas, rice, and very dark chocolate
- And sometimes a protein shake from a possibly pure, natural powder
- As drinks apart from water: black tee and mead

So this is what I purchase and eat when I'm at home. However, when I'm on the way, traveling, invited, or when I eat out, I eat whatever I feel like, whatever I want and whatever makes my mouth water. Preferably the traditional kitchen of the particular region where I am at the moment.

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